Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to our online store.

The eshop Grammatosima.gr operates in many countries of the European union and Cu webshop contracts made in euro currency €, in Greek and English. Language selection automatically declare that you understand (read and write). Prohibited the use of the shop by minors or persons lacking legal capacity.

By entering you declare that you are an adult and have the capacity to commit that it will not allow the use of your data and your password by minors or persons incapable contractual. If done such use of the data and password, you are personally responsible. For this reason, please observe the basic safety rules of trading online.

The website and online store owned company called

Grammatosima.GR Greece

Stadiou 39 Athens (in the Gallery)

Phone: 210 3210357

Email: kstogian@otenet.gr

Fax: 210 3311360

Payment methods

For your convenience and better service, grammatosima.gr offers the following payment methods:

1. Through COD.

2. Through the online Paypal service.

3. Through your credit card.

4. Deposit ALPHA BANK account:GR2001401010101002002302476

5. Deposit EUROBANK account: IBAN: GR9002600620000110200623449 

6.Ability to pay by credit, debit and prepaid cards of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners.

7.Ability to pay using electronic MasterPass wallet.

 The payment of the liquidation will be conducted by the ALPHA BANK thus ensuring the absolute safety of your transaction.

We accept all credit cards.

Note: The grammatosima.gr not collect or store in any way your credit card information and for this reason you need to register again each time you use your credit card for transactions through this site.

Secure Transactions

All payments made using the card are processed through the electronic payment platform "Alpha e-Commerce" of Alpha Bank and uses TLS 1.1 encryption with 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key

By submitting your order, we assume you have read, understood and agree expressly and unconditionally to the terms and conditions of this store operation, which are described in detail later, but in the section Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any of these terms, please contact us before you proceed with your order.

You are able to access most areas of the website without registering. But there are some areas that are only accessible with your registration. We may modify all or part of these terms of use from time to time without notice to you. Therefore you should often check the terms, so that you are aware of your existing rights and obligations in each period.

The stay and use of the Site after any changes have been previously published in the Terms of Use constitute a binding acceptance of the updated Terms of Use. Any modification or change of course, not true and does not affect the already placed orders for execution. Whenever the conditions of use are no longer acceptable to you, you should immediately stop using the www.grammatosima.gr website.

The Grammatosima.gr reserves the right to discontinue temporarily or permanently, some or all of its services without notice, in its sole discretion.